Did Zac Efron Use Steroids To Jacked His Beachbody?

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Zac Efron Steroids

Zac Efron has always had an enviable body and a handsome face. We remember him from the time he was a teenage star of the Disney Channel where he was cast as a star athlete in the local school.

Zac Efron Teen

He has gained muscles with six pack abs when he was starring as the guy next door with Seth Rogen.

But now, years later, his body is not just fit and athletic. It is seriously ripped.

And it hasn’t been like this for long. The rapidness of his muscle growth is a subject that has stirred a lot of questions in the bodybuilding community.

This quite sudden change of physique is attributed to his participation in a upcoming movie “Baywatch”, where in order to play a believable lifeguard Efron needed to pump up his muscles a little more.

But it does look like it is not just a little more but considerably more. So in order to know for sure if he is on steroids or not we should look into some facts rather than pointless speculations.


Zac Efron is a young man, it is quite likely that he would get pumped faster than most. And according to one of the report that Zac has earned his Baywatch body from training and diets for months.

Even with the most intense training such muscle mass can only be achieved after years of training. Now without steroids or growth hormones. Any professional bodybuilder will tell you that.

However, Zac did hit the gym consistently throughout years and he had had a body of a person who works out hard. However, it wasn’t the body of a steroid user and we have never noticed such difference in the course of just a few months before.

Zac said next to The Rock he doesn’t want to look tiny

It is known that Zac has been training with his Baywatch co-star Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock”, who is also very strongly suspected in taking steroids. So does training with a known steroid user make Zac being influenced as well? Not necessarily, but quite likely.

Zac Efron And The Rock In Baywatch

Harder to maintain physique

Every person who trains professionally will eventually experience peaking. It is a short period of time when under intense training you are in the best shape of your life.

In just a few weeks you go back to your normal condition. And maybe, just maybe, Zac is experiencing peaking right now. And in some time he will go back to his normal, though still quite fit, body.

It is a common practice among the actors who train and keep to a special diet to maintain that dry muscled look and after they have filmed all of the shirtless scenes they go back to normal.

It is extremely hard to maintain a peaked body in this state for long.

Evidence of Steroid Use

Zac Efron TransformationBlocky jawline (Positive)

Heightened testosterone levels, a side effect of steroids, will change the shape of your head a little and give you that blocky skull look and a square jawline.

This tendency can be observed in Zac Efron’s transformation, as his head is visibly different and this speaks for steroid use.

Deeper voice (Negative)

Again, steroids heighten your testosterone levels, which in turn make your voice deeper.

It is especially evident in women bodybuilders whose voices are sometimes indistinguishable from men’s voices.

And if you watch Zac’s interviews from different stages in his career.

You will see that his voice hasn’t changed much or became more manly, which doesn’t show evidence of steroid use.

Pumped up muscles (Positive)

Steroid users usually have muscles that look synthetic, as if they are not real but rather literally pumped up with air.

Steroid users have veiny arms and abnormally developed upper body muscles.

And Zac’s new body checks our with these signs.

He is no professional bodybuilder, he couldn’t even get near Mr. Olympia contest, but his upper body does seem abnormally bulky and his arms do seem too veiny to be natural.

If you compare some of the older photos of Zac Efron with his recent shots of Baywatch set you can see the transformation clearly.

Aging face, receding hairline, darker, a bit pinkish skin color. Those are all side effects of steroids.

The Verdict

It is hard to say if Zac is a steroid user, but after all he had never denied it either. Even though, I don’t see why he should. It is not impossible to get this body in such a short amount of time, especially considering Zac’s age and athletic build.

But it is unlikely and seeming as his body was meant for the film it is only fair to assume that he had some outside help from steroids or growth hormones.

In the history of mankind there were plenty of occasions when damming evidence condemned people who later turned out to be innocent of the things they were thought by the society to have done.

And human body is a wondrous thing which sometimes works in mysterious ways. We are all very different, our bodies are all very different.

Zac Efron

If Zac Efron used steroids and achieved such results in a matter of months-good for him! If he didn’t use them and still achieved such results, even better.

Hollywood effect

Many actors use steroids to bring their body to condition in order to shoot a movie. And if they all had to hot the gym so intensely and for so long in order to film a few scenes their bodies were meant for, it wouldn’t be fair to them and it wouldn’t be efficient.

Shouldn’t we respect a person who does so much just to be the best he can in what he does?

Steroid induced body is just another disguise. If you play hulk you need it to be believable. And there is really nothing wrong with it. Actors who take steroids do it at their own risk, knowing side effects and knowing the consequences of it.

And if a consenting adult is doing something that is not illegal in his country then I think that in the 21 century can give them enough privacy to do so, without passing judgement. We should be happy that the actors take that sacrifice solely for our amusement.

So, know your bodies limits, do what is best for you and for your health. And everything will be great!

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    It’s hard to tell if he used steroids or not, but that was such a big time muscle gain in such short time!

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