Your Mind Controls Over Matter

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The mind is powerful it makes the impossible things possible. Having a great mentality mixed with consistent work ethic will get whoever wants to achieve a goal to succeed. When you have a positive attitude, or a positive outlook at life it will benefit anybody because it all starts from the brain, which “produces substances that can improve your health.” On the other hand, a negative mentality can lead to many problems in a person’s health and all those factors will add up. As a result, your emotionally drained, which can lead to depression, anxiety or stress. So, that is why I use the phrase “mind over matter” which means having that willpower to overcome a situation that can be either physical or mental. For example, if your exhausted and you already ran five miles, but you have five miles to go to reach your goal for the day. Having that ability to push yourself and not giving up is the rarest attribute that a person can attain. I lost that attribute myself and I want to retain that mental willpower back because it made me feel so invincible.

Never Give Up

The improvement I can make in my daily of life would be having a confident mentality so I can have the will to accomplish objectives I set for myself to reach. My objectives can be basically my education, studying countless hours of football films on a college team, or my fitness journey rehabbing from my knee surgery. Furthermore, before I read Chapter 1: Health for Life I always thought that the benefits of fitness and wellness was all about the physical side, but that’s not the case. It starts from your environment; the people you hang out with, what influence do those people have on you? What are some things people consume that might hurt their health in the near future?

According to Health Now, the statistic states that our “personal [decisions] contributes 40%” to our health and our genetics contribute less than that, which is 30% “the environment contributes 20%.[1] I believe that this statistic shows us that we can take control over our health, so people must take this matter seriously. According to Health Now, “the average life span in the United States is 78.7 year,”[1] but before death, they go through many chronic illnesses the top illness is heart diseases, which is a problem in the United States.

In conclusion, the behavior I want to change is second guessing my value and also eating vegetables is a problem for me because I eat more fruits. But I want to change that because in the long run I know it will benefit me. I can change my behavior by setting a schedule with a total of vegetables I must eat in a day and for my mentality, I can gain confidence from role models who have been through a similar situation.


Hello, my name is Godson Joseph and I’m attending Broward Community College. I graduated in 2018 with a grade point average of 3.7, this led to me achieving high honors for business administration. All these achievements have led me to being accepted to the top universities in Florida. All my hard work finally paid off now I must decide on where I want to go to school. My options are University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida State University, Florida International University and Florida Atlantic. These are very hard choses because each school has something unique to give, but once I make my decision it will be life changing. Critics said I would never attend a University of my choice because I’m too dumb and guess what? I proved them all wrong.


  1. White, Linda B. Health Now: An Integrative Approach to Personal Health. Irvington, NY: Flat World Knowledge, 2013. Print.

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