Women Bodybuilding For Femine Look Not Bulking

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Female Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding For Women

When we heard the word body building, what usually comes to our mind are big guy with enormous muscles and cuts as well as amazing physiques.

For some, the image of your local gym may come to mind as for others, the bodybuilders of your gym may be who you think of.

There have been many great body builders over the last few centuries, although few of them have been women unfortunately.

We usually think of men when we talk about bodybuilding.

But this trend has changed in recent times with some women also taking up bodybuilding.

Although the number of women body builders has always been far less than their male counterparts.

The trend has seen a change in recent years with the ratio of women to men increasing, and that too quite rapidly.

There are those women who do it for the sake of their passion. As well as those who do it as they seek to make a career out of it. Some aim to qualify for body building and weight lifting competitions.

Women Bodybuilding

Natural Female Bodybuilders

If we try to find female body builders, we will find many in this as well as the previous few generations.

Many of them are considered to be natural bodybuilders, that is, have a physique that is extremely good without body building and they need just some body building to develop a very good shape.

Their bodies adapt fast and grow faster with exercise than the average female body.

Not only this, their bodies respond very well to increasing in exercise and weights by making them more hungry than they normally are.

This causes them to eat more and a heavy diet accompanied by heavy weight training ensures that they can become very efficient body builders.

These are people we normally refer to as natural bodybuilders.

It must be noted that the bodies of females respond less than the average male to exercise so there are fewer natural female body builders when compared to males.

There are many natural female body builders whose patterns can be studied and applied by those women who wish to become professional body builders.

Lindsay Kaye
Lindsay Kaye

An example is that of Lindsay Kaye, who is a natural bodybuilder.

According to what she said in her interview, she changes her training routine a lot, but at the same time also ensures that all body parts are covered including chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps, legs and calves.

She has a plan for each day and some fixed exercises to do.

However, she keeps changing the sequence of the body parts on which she works each day in a given week.

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