Uses of Tribulus Terrestris In Bodybuilding Supplements

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Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a plant that grows in many tropical and more temperate regions of the world. It has a long history of being associated with increasing male attributes including sexual function and muscular growth.

In fact it was strongly associated with the dominance of Eastern Europeans in power and strength based athletic events, and is now used as a supplement by many serious body builders.

What does Tribulus Terrestris do?

Tribulus terrestris has been shown to raise testosterone levels safely and naturally. Testosterone is a hormone that is linked to male function and especially the ability to add muscle weight and increase bone density. Those who use Tribulus will notice:

  • Increased ability to add lean muscle mass.
  • More aggression during workouts.
  • Increased libido and sexual function.
  • Improved concentration during workouts.
  • Better recovery.
  • Increased fertility

From a body building point of view the ability to naturally increase testosterone and power through workouts is highly sought after. Coming from a completely natural source is a huge bonus.

Tribulus Result

What are some Tribulus supplements?

There are many supplements on the market but some include:

Anadrole is considered by many to be the foremost Tribulus supplement requiring a lower dose than many. It is extremely potent and will boost testosterone by enhancing natural production of this important hormone within the body. Benefits will include the ability to add muscle mass more easily and greater lipolysis, or fat burning.

Decaduro is another formulation that uses Tribulus to boost testosterone production, which in turn helps with muscle gain, workout aggression, fat burning and recovery.

DBal also contains Tribulus as well as a combination of other ingredients designed to increase mass.

There are many supplements now containing Tribulus and it is no wonder that it is considered something of a miracle plant by many bodybuilders.

Why use Tribulus supplements?

The Ancient Greeks used Tribulus so it certainly isn’t new, but what is attractive about its use is that it is a plant based and perfectly natural way to increase testosterone levels.

An increase in this important hormone are linked to better weight gains, fat burning, improved recovery and more aggression during workouts.

For this reason it has become an integral part of many weight gain supplements.

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