Somatropin is a human growth hormone (HGH) that is synthetically formulated to support the muscles and bones growth. The drug is used in treating adults’ growth hormone deficiency and kids growth disorders.[1] Patients suffering from chronic kidney failure, genetic disorders syndrome, and those with short stature from birth related to growth can enjoy the potency of the HGH.[2]

Somatropin is a protein based peptide hormone also referred to as human growth hormone. The hypothalamus in the brain regulates the body to produce the hormones naturally. It is responsible for stimulates the growth and cell reproduction in the humans as well as animals.

Many athletes and bodybuilders use human growth hormone to increase their performance. Since 1989 the HGH used as anabolic agent in the sports has been banned by the International Olympic Committee.[3] The use of the HGH for performance enhancement was not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration either.

The FDA only approved the use of growth hormone in the United States on livestock. The growth hormone known as bovine somatotropin was given to dairy cattle through injection for boosting milk production in the farms.[4]

Somatropin has become the artificial growth hormone that aids the human body. The drug is one of the powerful and popular synthetic hormonal drugs on the market.


Somatropin has been marketed as a prescription drug that is a liquid based solution in the cartridge or syringe form. It is recommended for subcutaneous injection, but can be taken as an intramuscular injection. The drugs are variable in administration formats, concentrations, and their manufacturers.

The drug is not an anabolic steroid. It is mostly marketed under performance enhancing drugs. It is not considered as a steroid. Somatropin can be used in combination of anabolic steroids to enhance the human growth hormone.

A complete class of hormone is referred to as anabolic steroids while the peptide class of hormones is where Somatropin belongs. Anabolic steroids and Somatropin work perfectly to give a great result on metabolism, although not belong to the same entity.

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone improves the rate of the amino acids conversions significantly, thus improves the body performance. The hormone is regulated to supply the body fat as an energy source for increase the metabolic efficiency.

While the human growth hormone is legal, but it has not been clinically tested its safety and efficacy. The HGH is believed to be a very complicated hormone, with many of its ability and functions yet to be known.

Uses of Somatropin

Somatropin is approved for the treatment of deficiency of HGH in adults and children, issues of chronic wasting syndrome (cachexia), chronic renal insufficiency, terminal renal challenges, babies with severe intrauterine growth retardation, excessive muscle wasting in HIV/AIDS patients, genetic disorders like Prader-Willi syndrome and multiple sclerosis.[5][6][7][8]

HGH is used in the treatment to increase height for genetic disorders in children; these disorders include the Turner’s syndrome and Noonan syndrome.[2] The deficiency of growth hormone will be taken care by the hormone replacement treatment. While a deficient child is treated with growth hormone, it is observed that the child will grow faster at a short span of time.

Somatropin is also used as a replacement of natural growth hormone in children and adults for growth failure.[1] The growth hormone replacement therapy will offer numerous benefits to adults who are suffering from the growth hormone deficiency. It helps to support the bone density, simultaneously increases of stamina and endurance.

Somatropin is illegally used by bodybuilders as a performance enhancement drug to improve fat burning for a leaner physique. It is also used for muscle growth, increases of energy and focus. More intense bodybuilders use it to reduce the stress on bone, joint, muscle, repair and recovery.

The drug can be used in improving the elasticity and texture of the human skin. It is popular in delaying the aging process. There are other uses like boosting mental functions, hair growth, libido in males and more.

Somatropin Effects

The growth hormone just like every other protein hormones, it works by binding the cells and its receptor. The effect of growth hormone is well known for its ability to increase the height throughout childhood.

The anabolic effects of the HGH on the tissues can be overwhelmed and causes enlarge in bone and muscle mass. When the hormone blended or mixed with anabolic steroids, it becomes a powerful anabolic hormone. Somatropin and anabolic steroids seem to work perfectly with each other.

HGH Effects

The Somatropin’s effect is known to cover a lot of areas that will cause a great improvement in the body’s performance and overall functions. These include improving the lipid profile, increase lean mass, decrease fat mass, enhance bone density, maintain the physical well being and decrease risk of cardiovascular risks.

Somatropin helps athletes recover fast. However, this effect can occur after a prolonged use of the drug. The effect of the drug on metabolism is amazingly great especially on bodybuilders.

The off-season effect allows the user to burn fat faster and suppresses the increase of body fat. During the cutting cycle, the drug is effective for people who are trying to burn fat quickly.

Somatropin Side Effects

The side effects of the drug have been linked with the dose taken. A high dose can lead to negative effects. Though, the initial use of Somatropin may result in minor side effects that will gradually wear away.

Water retention is one of the common effects you notice while using Somatropin.[5] The retention of water can be found around the wrists and ankles. When the body accustoms to the drug, it will stop.

Flu like symptoms are rare during the early stages of the drug usage.

HGH Side Effects

Somatropin injection-site can have a reaction that lead to the skin discoloration, bleeding and diminish of touch sensation.[9]

In rare conditions, patients have complained joint pain, joint swelling and a risk of diabetes. Sometimes, the patient may produce an immune or no response to the growth hormones.[9]

Carpal tunnel syndrome (hand numbness or weakness) can occur when the retention of water becomes severe. User may experience a decrease in the functionality of the thyroid.[9]

Some other side effects may include numbing of the skin, respiratory infection, dazzling and nausea.[9]

Abuse of Somatropin is one of the dangers of the drug, it can lead to the enlargement of the feet, hands, jaw line including internal organs.[9]

Somatropin Alternative

An alternative of Somatropin, which is a human growth hormone stimulator. It is designed to send signals to the pituitary gland to support it in producing more human growth hormone.

It works by reducing the body fat, quality muscle mass and recovery time is fastened. The drug is a strong synthetic anabolic hormone that stimulates the production of the natural HGH. The use of Somatropin alternative leads to workouts recovery, fast fat burn, and fasten recovery times.

Somatropin Alternative



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