Clenbuterol or Clen is known to be related to ephedrine in its action. It is used in treating people with breathing disorders such as bronchodilator and decongestant.[1] Clen allows the user to burn fat calories that are storied in the body as energy. It burns energy before the user can make use of other forms of fuel.

The drug has been approved in some European countries, where it is used to cure asthma, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned it.[2] However, you can find Clenbuterol in some livestock farms around the world. The drug is used to improve the animals’ fat free mass or muscle and reduce less fat. It is sold as Spiropent, Clenbuterix, Dilaterol or Ventipulmin.

Clenbuterol was formulated by drug companies as a veterinary drug. It was initially used to cure horses suffering from respiratory disorders and other animals.[3] Clen functions as a bronchodilator that aids easy breathing. Mostly, you see it as Clenbuterol hydrochloride or hydrochloride salt.


Clenbuterol is considered as a replacement of ephedrine that is not legal. The two drugs function by improving or producing the secretion of catecholamines (catabolic hormones) like epinephrine, dopamine and also norepinephrine from the adrenal gland.

These hormones have different functions they perform on the body. The first thing that is noticed is the way they change the contractile effects of the body’s smooth muscles, but this is done specific. Some will be inhibited while others are stimulated apparently.

The smooth muscles found in the body’s bronchial tree are mostly inhibited. This perfectly explains why people with breathing problems are relieved when they take the drug. The amazing properties of Clenbuterol include; ability to support the muscle retention as weight loss pill, reduces the loss of muscles and aids capacity of aerobic activities in the body.


Uses of Clenbuterol

There are many used of Clenbuterol. In countries that it is approved, it can be through prescription or free as a bronchodilator, which is used to take care of asthma patients.[1] Though, the drug is not a therapeutic drug that be used in the United States, it has been banned by International Olympic Committee.[3]

This means that athletes are prohibited from taking Clenbuterol. In the US, the drug cannot be administered to animals that are going to be consumed by humans because it was regulated by the FDA.[2] It is used in relaxing the uterus during parturition in cows. It can be taken intravenously or orally.

Today, humans make use of it to treat bronchodilator and decongestant.[1] It has become a powerful and strong stimulant that improves fat burning and metabolic rate. In some countries, it is still used to take care of respiratory issues, but most people have abandoned it for safer alternatives.

Clenbuterol has a reputation as a widely used bodybuilding drug. It is a good drug for recreational users and athletes, and has become a bad drug for those who are using it as an illegal enhancer. It is not known as a steroid.

Medically, the drug is used for the air-ways that are obstructed, thanks to its support to asthmatic patients.[1] Clenbuterol is used as a drug to reduce weight loss. Bodybuilders often make use of it during the cutting series or cycles.[3]

Clenbuterol Effects

Clenbuterol Effects

The effect of Clenbuterol on humans has been determined accidentally when users take overdose or eat meat tainted with Clenbuterol.[3]

Short term effects don’t have serious effect on the body because they can easily be expelled from the body. These effects are known to gradually disappear when the drug is stopped.

Some of these short term side effects include: sweating, muscle cramps, dry mouth, increased or decreased heart rate (palpitations), anxiety or nervousness, shaking in the hands, lack of sleep, headaches and vomiting.[3]

Clenbuterol has been found to bind to receptors that also responds to the body’s epinephrine and has a greater effect in burning fats.

The drug also stimulates the protein synthesis in the muscle and attaches to the muscle cells.

Thermogensis is increased when the drug is consumed. What this means is that there is a change in blood pressure a rise in temperature and also a stimulatory influence on the muscles.

Clenbuterol Side Effects

There are side effects associated with the use of Clenbuterol. These effects include the user feeling nervous, the heart rate exceed normal resting rate (tachycardia), high blood pressure, excess production of thyroid hormone (Hyperthyroidism) and congenital heart defect (subaortic stenosis).[4]

When it is excessively taken, it can cause gastric irritation, headache, dizziness and muscle tremors.[3]

People who are using Clenbuterol for athletic support or weight loss may experience heart attack (myocardial infarction), abnormality of heartbeat, sweating (diaphoresis), vomiting or nausea.[5]

Clenbuterol Side Effects

Clenbuterol may have a long term effect on the user. It can increase the size of the muscle cells of the heart due to the increase collagen amount. It is the collagen that will interfere with the electric signals that are transmitted through the muscles cells of the body to pump blood and cause irregular heart beat. When this happens, the user may suffer stroke as seen in animal studies.[6]

Overdose of the drug may lead to headaches, feel the objects around are spinning or swaying (vertigo), breathing difficulties, tremors and taurine depletion. More serious conditions like hypokalemia (low level of potassium) and tachycardia, which will increase the risk of abnormal heartbeat or cause cardiac arrest. Also hypophosphatemia may occur and it may lead to respiratory or heart failure.[4]

It may lead to the worsening of any pre-existing health condition like blood pressure and heart condition problems.

Clenbuterol Alternative

The alternative of Clenbuterol, a steroid that improves the body’s cardiovascular performance when it improves the transportation of oxygen and also burns fat.

The ingredients used are non invasive, and it has been formulated to give the users the same effect of the Clenbuterol. Which enhanced performance and stamina and increases the muscle ratio to the fat ratio.

This enables the user to get a ripped body more effective without side effects. It is safe and legal, preserve lean muscle mass, a fat burner and produces similar results.

Clenbuterol Alternative



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