My Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

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There are many aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercise. My favorite approach to a healthy lifestyle is through exercise. Physical fitness really became a large part of my life during the summer of my freshmen year of high school. Before that, I never thought that I would find a love for fitness. Now, almost four years later, I’m still going at it.

High School Soccer

It was high school soccer that got me involved in exercise. When I went to a meeting to sign up for soccer, they were offering a training program through a local gym for all the players to help get them ready for the season. I am a very competitive person, and not wanting to be left behind when tryouts came around, I signed up. Even though it started out as just a way for me to prepare for the season, I quickly discovered that I enjoyed working out. I don’t completely know why this passion developed, but I do know that I loved the goals I got to make for myself, the team work that came with the training, and the way I felt when I finished a hard work out. It is something that I don’t ever want to stop doing.

Last summer I decided to make my passion for fitness something more, I wanted to coach people. I became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, which gave me the certificate necessary to coach people in a gym setting. After completing that course I felt like my love and passion of fitness grew, and I really started trying to get other people involved. I have gotten many of my friends and family into fitness, even if it wasn’t at the gym I attended, but one that was closer to where they lived. This was something that really excited me. Being able to have an impact on people’s lives in a healthy and positive way was very rewarding.

As I continue to make fitness a part of my life, I always try to challenge myself. I think that is a big reason that I enjoy exercise as much as I do. I always find new things to do and try, and I push myself to learn them. This not only makes exercise more exciting, but also more challenging. Another reason that I love working and exercising in a gym setting is the camaraderie formed with others. I think this stems from the fact that we are all in a difficult workout together; and even if we are going at different speeds or lifting different weights, we all want to get through it. This creates a really great atmosphere to push yourself and it makes me feel like I am part of something bigger, which is really special.

In my future I hope to continue making exercise a part of my life. I will begin college in the fall and while I’m there I will strive to keep up my workout routine. A goal that I have set for myself while I am in college is to get others involved in fitness too, just like I have been able to do during high school. But even beyond college I want to continue working out. In the gym that I attend now, there are multiple people in their sixties and seventies. It is so inspiring to see them working out. Some of them have never exercised before, but now they have chosen to make it part of their lives. I believe that developing a habit of exercising now will help me to continue as I get older. I find inspiration in the people at the gym who show that no matter how old you are, you are still capable of being active.

My fitness journey began with soccer, but even now that soccer has ended, exercise remains a part of my life. I will continue challenging myself to become more fit and I will continue encouraging others to strive for a healthy lifestyle, whatever shape it may take. Over the past four years I have developed a passion for fitness that will not easily disappear. I will always make exercise a part of my life.


My name is Claire and I am 18 years old. I have been homeschooled since first grade and I will be graduating this year. I will be attending George Fox University in the fall of 2019 and will be studying biology. Fitness is a big part of my life and I enjoy spending time at the gym, whether I’m there to coach or workout.

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