Big Monster Kali Muscle Is Steroids User Or Natural?

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Kali Muscle Steroids

Looking at Kali Muscle quite an inspiring man many people ask themselves a question. Is he on steroids or can I get just as successful a bodybuilder just by working hard and eating well?

Well, the question is quite controversial and today we will try to give you some clarity on the subject.

Out of all the bodybuilders of today, few have come through such a difficult path and few have reached such a rapid success as Kali Muscle.

His career has started relatively recently, but he has already landed some impressive bodybuilding titles. Also some interesting film, music video and commercial roles. Alongside some bodybuilding stars and other celebrities and has generally become an Internet success.

Unconventional background

Kali Muscle grew up in a tough neighborhood with a stepfather that didn’t make life any easier.

This drove him to spend time at the local gym where he got a job and discovered his passion for bodybuilding.

Kali Muscle Behind Bars

He was hit by the loss of his brother hard, something that sent him down a spiral of robbery and other forms of crime. Eventually ending up behind bars for 7 years at the San Quentin State Prison.

However, all through this, his love for bodybuilding remained with him. He would take up bodybuilding in prison despite the challenges there and maintain an impressive physique.

Upon release, he moved to California to keep his dream alive. An acting job here and there as a celebrity bodybuilder would shoot him into the spotlight, allowing him to accumulate a handsome number of bodybuilding titles while bolstering his acting portfolio.

Kali Muscle Hollywood


On the question of whether or not he uses steroid, Kali Muscle has always kept the same response.

He has always had a firm NO answer. He claims that no black man has ever considered or used steroid while in prison and he is no exception to the rule.

He also insists that he did not take any supplements while on the outside because he had already gained an adequately masculine build while on the inside. In his opinion, he has thus never needed to use supplements to get his current physique.

Kali Muscle Natural

There is no question as to whether Kali Muscle started his career on an all-natural regimen.

This is enforced more by the fact that steroids would be impossible to access in a prison where even the weights were removed at some point in time.

However, once he was outside as his career begun to gain momentum, there are some visible changes within his body that left a few eyebrows raised.

It is this change that has left a lot of people wondering whether this is a Cinderella story of a bodybuilding genius or whether he is just like every other hack out there that uses steroids.

The controversy behind this question is what we would like to shed some light on today.

Evidence of Steroid Use

Vascularity (Positive)

A steroid user can often be spotted by his enhanced vascularity, which is something that we can often see when looking at known steroid users.

And if we compare Kali Muscles pictures from 8-10 years ago with his most recent photos we can see that he has always been big, but it is only now that he has those popping veins all over his upper body. This speaks of steroid use by the guy.

Kali Muscle Transformation

Changes through the years (Positive)

We know that to recognize a steroid user all you need is to look through his timeline in photos. A steroid user will have increased in his body over the years, even after the known period of growth, which is only 8 years for a natural bodybuilder.

So when you see that after 8 years of training a person is still growing- you are looking at a steroid user. And Kali Muscle does grow, even though we know that his bodybuilding training has lasted for way over 8 years.

The guy started exercising back in the 90s, he has decades under his belt.

Synthetic look (Positive)

We know that this is not a very clear notion, but most of us would be able to look at a person and see that synthetic or natural look.

Usually, synthetic muscles don’t look so solid, they look like balloons and you get the feeling that they grew like dough with yeast grows, 3 times its size overnight.

And when you look at Kali, you can’t help but wonder if the muscles are real, because they don’t look like they are.

Kali Muscle Jacked

Abdomen (Positive)

Bloated stomach is one of the side effects of steroid use. When you look at some of Kali’s recent pictures, you can see that he does have that big stomach, which would be quite impossible were he a natural.

So maybe his active steroid use is taking it’s toll and this is the first visible side effect.

Evidence against

Unfortunately, apart from Kali’s assurances that he didn’t and doesn’t take steroids, we don’t have much in terms of disproving the theory that Kali Muscle is on steroids.

Kali Muscle has not competed in championships that have strict 100% natural policies. That doesn’t prove anything, but that makes you wonder.


We are no experts and we have never take his blood for test to be sure in that verdict. But based on all of the outward signs we believe that Kali Muscle is on steroids or human growth hormones. That doesn’t make him less of a bodybuilder, as nowadays there are tons of them taking steroids and the most prominent bodybuilder stars, such as the King himself, has admitted to steroid use.

Kali Muscle

But his lying about it really makes it quite unethical. Of course, he might think that because of his steroid use his career wouldn’t progress the way it is and this is a valid concern. However, steroids are not illegal, at least not all of them. And the fact that he is not admitting to using testifies that he either truly doesn’t use them (which is doubtful) or he understands that it is frowned upon and trying to save his reputation.

We are not ones to judge adult and mature steroid users. They know what they are doing and honestly, we do not think that they are under any legal obligation to reveal their steroid use. The steroids will reveal themselves as the time comes and we wouldn’t need any blood tests or proofs to tell a steroid user from a natural.

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