Does John Cena Take Steroids or Natural Gained and Gifted?

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John Cena Steroids

When we see athletes like John Cena and their huge toned bodies a natural question arises. Are they natural or do they take steroids?

For us it is important to know this, because they are someone we look up to. We want to know if it is possible for us to reach the same results. Without taking any drugs and being completely natural.

Whatever the answer to the questions “Is John Cena on steroids?” may be, you shouldn’t get discouraged from your training.

Your body is different from his is, your natural bodily processes are different. Work hard and you will reach the full potential of your body.

John Cena Bodybuilding


Such an impressive physique at such an age has led to wide speculation as to whether the professional wrestler has indulged in steroids during is impressive running as a professional athlete.

Throughout interviews for several media outlets and even internet blogs, the wrestler has always maintained his innocence on the matter.

Strongly denying ever having used and steroids, insisting that his entire look is all natural and not in any way chemically induced or enhanced.

He claims to have put in the required work in the gym, committing to the advice and instructions of his trainers throughout the years.

Since he started at a young age, he attributes his gains to nature. He insisting that his exercise only supplemented what biology had naturally gifted him.

John Cena WWE

His claims are also substantiated by his employers, The WWE, who have always been firmly behind the wrestler sometimes even issuing statements of support and response on his behalf.

One thing is for sure, John Cena has never diverted from his claim of being all natural. And only depending on a tough workout routine and a good diet.

Setting aside his claims of innocence let’s take an in-depth look at the athlete. And see whether or not he has indulged in the use of steroids sometime along his long illustrious career.

John Cena Arms

John Cena himself claims to have always been completely natural.

Today we shall see if this claim holds water, as evidence usually speaks louder than words and claims.

Evidence of Steroid Use

The first thing that the doctor does when you walk into his office for a consultation or a test. Is they ask for the symptoms that you are displaying.

Let us look at some of the common tell-tale signs of steroid use. And determine whether John Cena displays any of them.

Bigger skull (Positive)

Having blocky appearance and bigger skull than before is an evidence of usage of human growth hormones, which are essentially considered steroids, as they have similar effect.

You can see this in John Cena, as his skull is bigger and blockier than it was before. Skulls don’t grow in the course of adult life.

Thus, we can make a conclusion that John Cena is on steroids.

John Cena Transformation

Flushed skin (Neutral)

When you use steroids your temperature and blood pressure rises so you have skin that appears redder than usual.

Now, this is one of the most important tells of a steroid user, however when we talk about John Cena it is a little bit controversial.

We can often see him with flushed skin, but a lot of the time he is quite pale.

So for us this is not a very valid evidence, as his flushed skin can come from any number of factor, but his paleness can also be an evidence of some external factors.

John Cena BodyConsistent fast growth (Positive)

Now, those of us who have trained and researched bodybuilding and its effects on one’s body know that growth period is usually limited to first 6 years of bodybuilding and from there it only goes down or stays the same.

John Cena has over a decade of training and he doesn’t stop growing. On the contrary, he grows quite rapidly still.

This is highly unlikely after so many years of training without any help from steroids.

Steroid gut (Positive)

It has been proven that taking steroids for quite a long period of time is going to take its toll on you.

And one of the side effects is having bloated stomach. We can look through some of John Cena’s latest pictures and see the evidence of this.

Especially when he is not sucking it in you can see that he does have some excess weight that could be caused by steroids.

Now, it could just be water weight or maybe he has developed a special passion for burgers and fries.

Evidence of Natural

Even though there are some pretty damning pieces of evidence for his steroid use, we want to say some things against, just for the sake of the argument.

John Cena NaturalHe isn’t huge (Positive)

While John Cena is certainly very considerable in size, he isn’t huge, like some of the known steroid users that we have discussed earlier.

He looks medium and there is a good chance that his natural physique and metabolism, hard work and good diet have helped him achieve this body.

Less popping veins (Positive)

When you think of a steroid user you usually see those popping veins all over their upper body, but John Cena simply doesn’t have that.

Those effects of steroids can me masked, but more likely explanation is that he is natural.

He is proportionate (Positive)

A sign of steroid use is extreme size of upper body, but John Cena looks quite proportionate to us. He is still very muscular, but his arms don’t resemble balloons, which is always an evidence against steroid use.

He passes regular steroid tests

To compete in WWE you need to pass frequent steroid tests. Tests can be cheated and the control is not so tight, so we think that it is not a very strong argument, yet it still deserves to be considered.


John CenaSo, our verdict is purely speculative and based only on the outward appearance of things. Literally just judging the book by its cover. But, looking at all the outward signs discussed above, there is some evidence that John Cena is or has been on steroids at some point in his career as a professional athlete.

This does not in any way demean his achievements in and out of the WWE ring. Steroids have become something of a norm among athletes, especially body builders. Our job, however, isn’t to judge him or condemn him for consistently denying the use of steroids despite the clear and visible signs, we are just here to lay out the facts and have you make up your own minds on the issue.

We think that the John Cena case is very conflicting. He could be taking steroids and he could be natural. We cannot make up our minds, as never before have we had so many conflicting pieces of evidence. If we have to choose in between, our verdict is simple, steroid use is evident and as such, undeniable.

But it is worth to take into account that he has worked really hard to get where he is and maybe at some points of his life he has taken strength enhancing drugs, but that doesn’t make him an active user. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is a joke, “proportional” is a criteria? lol
    He has the hormonal profile of a great plains buffalo
    Get out of here with this natural garbage

  2. Charlie

    The nonsensical and ineffective drug policies and the constant legal pressure of a media career makes liars out of guys who would freely admit to steroid use for a variety of reasons. You might as well as if John Cena has ever used a sunbed, or shaved his chest.

  3. Chuck

    The merest glance at the lineup at any absolutely proven natural BB competition will show you that anybody this large and ripped must be on roids. The most committed natural bodybuilder looks slender by comparison with anybody on the NFL defensive line or in the WF ring

  4. Jason

    Yes he does steroids I bought some from his supplier!! Nobody looks this way naturally. Creatine and protein can only take you so far lol!! If you wanna get huge big and ripped do a cycle. It’s good for you! Live longer. Don’t abuse it like anything else.

  5. Anonymous

    So if you have veins that means you do steroids? Proportionate means natural? No and no lmao!!

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