The Human Growth Hormone

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Human growth hormone (HGH) is the one that stimulates growth both in adolescents and children.

The pituitary gland is its source and it is also useful in the regulation of body fluids, heart function, fat metabolism, muscles and sugar levels.

This hormone is a very common ingredient found in a variety of prescription drugs and other products all over.

The use of this substance has however grown in adults due to its claims of making them look forever young.

In as much as everyone would want to drink from the fountain of the youth, it may be very hazardous to their health.

Human Growth Hormone

What are the uses of HGH?

Over the years, this substance has been used both by adults and children. In children for instance, it was meant to counter short stature alongside other poor growth deficiencies.

Below are some of the conditions that cause poor growth in children;

  • Turner’s syndrome; a disorder acquired genetically that affects the development of a female child.
  • Chronic insufficiency of the kidney.
  • Insufficiency of HGH or its deficiency.
  • Prader-willi syndrome; another disorder genetically acquired that causes constant hunger, low sex hormone levels and pathetic muscle tone.
  • Immaturely born children.

In adults on the other hand, HGH is used for;

  • The syndrome of short bowels; this occurs when there is no proper absorption of nutrients due to an intestinal condition. Most of the time, it requires that a part of the small intestines is removed.
  • HIV/AIDS muscle wasting syndrome.
  • Deficiency of HGH

It is however very regrettable that some people have come with unapproved ways to use HGH.

For instance, a number of people will prefer to use it alongside testosterone in their quest to build muscles.

While testosterone is proven to help in the buildup of muscles, it is not certain yet if HGH comes with increased athletic performance.

Due to the several speculations about staying youthful with the use of HGH, and because of the decrease in its amount in the body as people age, most companies that produce anti-aging products spread the gospel about its use as an anti-aging agent.

See, this has not yet received approval by FDA. Therefore, these could be referred to as nothing but baseless claims at the moment.

In addition to that, most people would walk into a store or look online for this substance to prove if the claim that it multiplies the amount of HGH in the body is true.

Whether bought in the form of sprays or pills, it is speculated that they could literally turn you back in time by:

  • making you look a lot younger,
  • help your body build muscles,
  • reduce excess fat,
  • take blood sugar to normal,
  • increase energy,
  • strengthen the body’s immune system,
  • restore hair growth and improve memory.

These once again are baseless claims that are only made to look better for the sake of the commercials.

When takes orally, it is first digested in the stomach after which it is absorbed in the body. Alternatively, you can chose to inject it.

All in all, when put in the right use, HGH is very important to human health.

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