How Testosterone Can Change Your Life

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Testosterone is a “male hormone” that is essential in stimulating the development of male growth and male characteristics.

This hormone is produced primarily by the testes. It is responsible for developing deep voices in men. It also stimulates the growth of facial hair and body hair.

Testosterone also aids in the development of bone mass. It also takes care of toning and strengthening the muscles. In addition, testosterone contributes to a man’s sex drive.

It can even positively affect a man’s athletic performance. Testosterone is responsible for making a man bigger, faster and stronger.

Male Testosterone

The production of testosterone in the body is at its highest during adolescence and early adulthood.

Hence, during adolescence, boys go through various changes in their bodies. Their voices begin to change. Their bones grow.

Their muscles begin to develop. They suddenly have extra hair growth in their faces, arms and legs.

During early adulthood, men oftentimes feel like they are at their peak. They feel great and look great. Their sex drive may be at the peak too. They can practically do anything they set their minds to.

Excelling in sports comes easy. Climbing to the top of the corporate ladder is very much doable. Exercising at the gym is something of a routine.

Moreover, spending quality time with friends and loved ones is still among the top priorities.

Sex Drive

However, the production of testosterone begins to decline after this period. Again, the body goes through various changes.

The voice changes. Muscles begin to relax, even weaken. Bones may become weaker and more brittle. Facial and body hair stop growing, and sometimes, even begin to fall off.

Sex drive begins to wane. You may often be irritable. You may start having trouble focusing. You no longer feel like you’re looking your best.

Suddenly, you can no longer perform at your best too. In fact, you are actually often feeling tired. Running 20 kilometers everyday now seems like such a chore.

Swimming 10 laps at the pool is such a big challenge. Even climbing the stairs up to your fourth floor office can seem quite unbearable.

Playing with your kids when you get home from work suddenly feels so overwhelming for you.

Moreover, you fall asleep right after hitting the covers before you and your wife can even have some quality time together.

Man Tired

Some men turn to steroids for help when they are faced with these circumstances. Steroids are synthetic versions of hormones naturally produced by the body — in this case, testosterone.

However, there are various side effects and serious health risks that have been associated with the use of steroids.

For instance, these synthetic hormones have been linked to fluid retention, elevated cholesterol levels and increased blood pressure.

These side effects can promote the onset of hypertension, heart disease, stroke or diabetes.

Furthermore, withdrawal symptoms have been noted when a regular steroid user suddenly stops taking the synthetic hormone.

Depression, irritability, nausea and muscle aches have been recorded. Muscles also begin to weaken and body strength is affected. T

here are even instances reported when men have suffered through infertility because of sudden withdrawal from steroids.

Couple Joy

So what other alternative does a man have at this stage? The smartest bet would be an alternative that offers both effectiveness and safety. Fortunately, TestoGen is here to help you out.

It can boost your testosterone levels to help bring back the bigger, faster and stronger you. Use the TestoGen coupon to get a discount, wouldn’t it be great to keep some extra money in your pocket.

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