Does Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock Take Steroids?

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The Rock Steroids

A very pressing question that seems to be bothering bodybuilding community now is: “Does The Rock take steroids?”

And this question is asked for a good reason, since Dwayne Johnson is not a professional bodybuilder but he looks like he might as well be one.

We all know Dwayne Johnson from his wrestling days started around in the year of 1996. This is exactly how we got to know him by his stage name The Rock.

And while being a wrestler he was in a great physical shape, on the peak of his career he didn’t look the way he does now.

Dwayne Johnson Young

If you follow Johnson’s pictures through the years you will see significant changes in his physique. Some of them can only be explained by the use of steroids.


But what does The Rock say about all this speculation? Dwayne Johnson has released a statement in the interview claiming to be clean from steroids.

He has admitted that steroids are a part of his past, he took them for a time when he was 18, not really knowing what they were and what they were doing to him.

After realizing what they were, he stopped using them promptly and never touched them again.

Dwayne BeforeIrregardless of what he says most of professional bodybuilders, men and women who know a thing or two about building up muscles, claim that he does use steroids.

His rapid change and his age make it very unlikely that he doesn’t use steroids.

Dwayne Johnson Transformation

And since his body and his bulk is the basis of his career it is highly unlikely that he wouldn’t use all means necessary to keep his body in such great shape.

Of course, no one can doubt that even in his early days he had an enviable body. He is tall, lean, and he has great heritage, to get his athletic build from.

His father and his grandfather on his mother’s side both were professional wrestlers. However, it is not fair to attribute his impressive body only to the fact of his heritage.

Dwayne Johnson made a point of leading sport centered life and career. He is often seen at a gym working hard to keep up that bulk of muscles.

He is known to eat full of protein and low on fat diet, drinking a lot of protein shakes and other supplements to promote muscle growth.

But is all this enough to gain such a considerable mass without any steroids?

Evidence of Steroid Use

Dwayne Johnson SteroidsUpper body muscles (Positive)

The first tell of a steroid user is his upper body muscle mass, in particular the lats, trapezius, pectorals, deltoids, and upper arms.

Usually, if these muscles are abnormally, unnaturally, big the man is using steroids.

Dwayne Johnson is known for his traps, so we can put a “check” in this first box.

Rapid transformation (Positive)

There is no use denying that Dwayne Johnson has always been an athlete.

But it is quite unrealistic to gain the bulk of weight without trainings aimed at muscle growth through years and years.

And it is also quite unrealistic to see it happen in someone’s forties. And here, The Rock also fits the description.

Back acne and stretch marks (Negative)

Because of heightened testosterone levels steroid users often get acne outbursts on their backs and shoulder area.

This can be a sign of a steroid user, however acne can also mean that their liver doesn’t work properly. Acne can also be cured or covered up.

We have not spotted any signs of acne on Dwayne Johnson’s body, so he doesn’t fit the sign.

Flushed skin (Positive)

Flushed skin can also be a sign of a steroid user.

Many Caucasian professional bodybuilders have reddish or pink skin, because steroid use promotes heightened body temperature.

Thus flushed skin, which just looks like a darker shade for black bodybuilders.

Dwayne Johnson does seem to have grown a few shades darker over the years, which contributes to the idea of his steroid use.

The Rock Transformation

The Verdict

It is still hard to undoubtedly state that Dwayne Johnson is using steroids to promote his muscles and mass. However, there are too many evidence in favor of the idea to simply dismiss it without consideration.

We must take into account that every person’s body is different and works in mysterious ways. What takes some years and decades to achieve may come faster and easier to the others. You may do the same exercises and eat the same diet as someone else you know, but get a totally different result.

And having a Dwayne Johnson’s statement of living a steroid-free life we cannot just dismiss the idea that his body may be like this naturally, through hard work and appropriate diet rather than due to steroids and growth hormones.

Dwayne JohnsonSteroid use: good or bad?

Let’s imagine for a second that Dwayne Johnson does take steroids. The only negative thing about it is that he lied about it. Most steroids are not illegal, they are used widely and openly by professional bodybuilders as this is the only way to bring their bodies to the mass they need to be in order to meet their goals and take part in competitions and championships.

Dwayne Johnson’s considerable bulk is his trademark that has landed him roles in many films during his acting career. Many actors are known to have used steroids in order to shape their bodies to fit the character.

Taking or not taking steroids doesn’t take away from his accomplishments as a professional wrestler and actor. And even on steroids it takes much work to achieve the results he has achieved in terms of physique.

Decide for yourself what to believe, there is a substantial bulk of evidence for steroid use, but there are also testimonies of people who have achieved similar results without the use of steroids.

Without a blood test no one can say for sure, and seeming as he fits his nickname “The Rock” I will not be the one to try and get his blood for testing even he is saying “Just bring it”.

16 Responses

  1. Frank Sirico

    It’s your body as long as your not harmful to others then you should have a choice

  2. Anonymous

    Steroids are stupid,you can’t say that you are buff and ripped.The only reason you are strong is that you are injecting steroids in your body.If you want to prove that YOU are strong then do it naturally.But don’t if you’re using drugs.#steroids is lying and you are not strong the drugs are.

    • Dave

      Yes but the human body has a limit and steroids help break the limit and get even bigger so that’s why they use it

    • Anonymous

      I don’t agree, you don’t just take steroids and get big. It takes hard work and consistency with your diet and in the gym.

  3. Anonymous

    He’s juicing for sure, I don’t care what he says. At his age his body wouldn’t produce enough testosterone to gain and maintain that mass and definition.

  4. Troy York

    It does diminish his work as you have stately said it opened up doors because of his physique. He would never been a professional actor with cheating on this physique and would be a unfollowed pro wrestler like his father

  5. Whatever

    I don’t care about his thespian limitations. I don’t watch Rock movies to see Shakespear or Brando or Pacino. I watch Rock movies because he delivers on a primal level. Entertainment.

  6. C'mon man

    You’ve got to be jiving me. Of course he’s on massive doses of juice.

  7. Dwayne

    I think it takes away from his accomplishments of his physique,there is no doubt he trains hard and eats a good diet,but so do a ton of people,but won’t look the same because they don’t take steroids,he would still look good without roids,but ya can tell when he is juicing!

  8. everybody

    i dont care what any of you say the rock is a national treasure that does not juice

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