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The contents on crazybulksupp.com website are personal blogs or reviews written according to the information researched from the trusted sources of authority’s sites. We may receive the payment directly or indirectly when referring visitors of the products that published on this site. However this website does not accepts any kind of sponsorship including cash advertising and paid insertions or other types of payment in any form.

This site complies the FTC standards of the referral marketing. We strongly believe in honesty of the opinion and non bias information for building trustworthy relationship. With the compensation given will definitely not influence the posts, reviews and its contents on this site; however it may have minor influence over the post titles for reader attention. If there’s any type of ads on the site, it will be clearly noted the paid content as sponsored advertisement.

The author(s) associated with the blog maybe compensated or rewarded to give his experiences on the products. Although the author(s) might get a commission from merchants or sponsored companies, however we ensures to provide sincere opinions of the products that carried out with detailed research and tested results. You may presume that we get the commissions when you clicked the external links to the merchant sites. We will receive a commission when you purchased from these affiliate links.

The information published on this site is plainly of the author’s expressed thoughts for personal point of view. The facts of the products, data, manufacturing process and ingredients details should verify with the owners of the brand which related to the products. Relevant research papers, reports, experiments and other details related to its topics linked to the external sources.

All the discounts, coupon codes and saving tips provided on this site to help the buyers to save money through our pricing analysis. We always put the buyer’s interest on our first priority by offer the best saving options which gives most advantages to the readers. All the coupon codes provided on this website is usable at the official website.

The information provided on this site must not be taken as a proper medical advice. Please consult with the medical professionals for the possible side effect and health risk. Results from the performances products may vary by individuals. Please make sure you read the disclaimer before purchasing any of the products.

Privacy Policy

This page informs you of our policies regarding the compilation related to the Personal Data disclosure when working with our Service.

This privacy policy reflected of the online uses of the Personally Identifiable Information or PII as described in the US information security and privacy regulation. This includes the information to contact or trace the personnel. Please carefully read and understand on how do we collect and use the data which related to personal information from our site.

Personal information collection

We do not purposely collect any information from the visitors or readers. However, each time you use the contact form to reach us for help or inquiry, you may require to input your name and your email address for us to corresponding with you.

Personal data

In a rare occasion, initiate upon the user’s request for the after sales support. We may ask you to provide your personal data related to your purchase and shipping information. This will enable us to track the order and offer our support more efficient.

We also offered a scholarship to undergraduate who participate in our contest. We do not request personal information from students. In case they may require verification, simple email confirmation is used to safeguard their identities.

User’s comments

You may notice that we allow users to comment on our blog page.  These are public comments that anyone can post without the need to enter their names. The name field is optional if you don’t want to leave your real name, it will be posted as ‘anonymous’ when the name field is left blank.

Information protection

We have taken an extra effort to protect the information from our site, so the visitors have a peace of mind while using our site without risking their privacy and sensitive information.

  • Our site is SSL enabled and ready for browsing and email communication.
  • We have frequently updated the software to close the vulnerabilities and potential harm.
  • We do not request confidential information from visitors such as credit card and personal identification number.
  • You can freely browse our site without need to login and providing your information such as age, email and location.
  • No tracking software been installed on this site, all the visitors information and activities will not be monitored or recorded.
  • We will not disclose any information accrue indirectly from this site.

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The default cookies are used on this site.

We do not alter the standard configuration of the web browser; you may turn off the cookies from the setting in your browser. But this may affect the user experience and some of the functions may not work properly.

External links

While all the external links on this site are for reference purpose. These are the standalone third-party sites with their own privacy policies which are outside of our liability. Thus we take no responsibility of how they handle your privacy. Once you left this site, you will be subjected by the terms and conditions of the other sites.

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