Aesthetic Bodybuilding Vs Normal Bodybuilding

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Aesthetic & Normal Bodybuilding

When you think of a word bodybuilding what first comes to your mind? It sure must be a bulky man, with too big muscles. Maybe he is also pulling a car with his teeth, in your imagination.

No surprise if this is the first image that pops into your mind at the sound of the word. And you are not entirely wrong to assume that. This is what we often see on bodybuilding posters and on huge jars of protein powder that are sold in our local gyms.

But it is not an entirely accurate portrayal of bodybuilders. This term has some subcategories, and in this article we will learn of the difference between normal bodybuilders and aesthetic bodybuilders.

What does “Aesthetic” mean?

If you are unfamiliar with the term “aesthetic”, it basically means appreciation of beauty that pleasing the eyes. In other words beautiful. In this connotation we use it to say that something is aesthetically pleasing, that is appeals to our taste and artistic eye.

Aesthetic Female Body

Aesthetic Bodybuilding

This is a branch of bodybuilding, which deals with aesthetically pleasing models. ”Eye-candies” for short. In terms of training it is not different than that of normal bodybuilders, but aesthetic bodybuilders choose to not gain as much bulk as normal bodybuilders. They strive to athletic, leaner and proportionate bodies.

If you have ever taken an art class then you know that in order to draw a person you need to know some basics of proportion. You calculate the size of the body, the width of the shoulders based on the size of the head. This is aesthetic bodybuilding. Proportion, conventional understanding of a perfect body, beauty.

Aesthetic Models

This type of a bodybuilder you can see in front of Abercrombie & Fitch clothing company trying to attract customers.

Why choose this type of bodybuilding?

Even though it is not an easy path to take it is worth it if your goal is:

  • To have healthy body.
  • Retain beautiful(aesthetically pleasing) body.
  • To have strong muscles.
  • For bodybuilding competitions. You will not compete in the same categories as normal bodybuilders, because your weight category is far from theirs.
  • To make money modelling.

Building an aesthetic body

To become an aesthetic bodybuilder you must make some changes in your life and your workout routine.

Regular Workout

Regular Workout

Firstly, you must find a training program that works for you. Talk to a coach, try different routines until you find something you can stick to and do regularly with visible results. Each body part requires its own routine, and each body requires its own exercises.

Work our until you are satisfied with the results, don’t get too enthusiastic, know when to stop growing muscles and start maintaining your physic.

Diet Nutrition

Diet And Nutrition

Secondly, you should change your eating habits. Consult a specialist to discover a diet that will promote muscle growth and enough nutrition to run your body. You spend a lot of energy and it must be supplemented without any damages to your muscles and your health. Diet high in protein is known to be very efficient.

Rest At Gym

Take Enough Rest

And finally, work hard but not too hard. Your body cannot be experiencing constant exhaustion. You should rest and get enough sleep to give your body some break before pushing it to its next limits. Without proper rest, you will do more harm than good.

Many aesthetic bodybuilders find it very relaxing to spend some time in a sauna. The warmth relaxes your muscles and the steam helps to detox.

Normal Bodybuilding

Drawing on our definition of aesthetic bodybuilding we can say that normal bodybuilding is not aesthetically pleasing bodybuilding. The goal of normal bodybuilding is to grow muscles and minimize fat. And if your muscles keep growing and your fat keeps going away, and your body becomes more and more disproportionate all the better for it.

Normal Bodybuilding

The goal of normal bodybuilders is not to get stronger as much as it is to get bigger. They pump their muscles by means of special training that creates small tears in the muscles which are then repaired, creating little pockets in them for more capacity. Due to these repairs, their muscles grow larger and larger.

Heavy Lifting

Not anyone can become a bodybuilder. Even if you can devote your live to making your muscles stronger and bigger, there is nothing you can do about your bone structure. To create that perfect V shape that bodybuilders have with their wide shoulders and huge arms to their lean waste and narrow hips, you have to have wide enough shoulders and narrow enough hips to support the bulk of the muscles. If your natural shoulder length doesn’t allow for this, there is nothing you can do.

Bulking Training

To build such a body you also need to use of:

  • Steroids.
  • Insulin.
  • Growth hormones.
  • Other means of increasing your muscle weight.

Natural bodybuilders

Normal bodybuilders take part in competitions and exhibitions, which are a very important part of their careers. Some of those competitions, such as “Mr. Olympia” are known worldwide.

The most recognizable names of professional normal bodybuilders are Steve Reeves, Frank Zane, Flex Wheeler, Markus Rühl, Serge Nubret, Lee Labrada, Lou Ferrigno and, also known as the King, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body can be attributed to both definitions, aesthetic and normal bodybuilding. At different stages of his life his body was a perfect example of both, he was the one who brought bodybuilding to life, and because of him we now know so much about it.

In A Nutshell

So, an aesthetic bodybuilder is your average male model. Sculptured arms, six-pack, prominent calves. These are men who grow mirror muscles, they strive to bring their body to perfection, to be a proportionate and have beautiful, proportionate bodies.

Normal bodybuilders are more muscle than men. They devote their lives and most of their time to building muscles and working on their bodies to bring it to its maximum muscle mass size.

They use steroids to increase their muscles and their training is aimed at muscle growth rather than strength and health. Such training can eventually take its toll and a bodybuilder can experience swollen inner organs, hair loss and other side effects.

However, you can always achieve the similar result without taking a risk by using legal steroids which aren’t really steroids. Natural supplements like Crazy Bulk work great for both types of bodybuilding, it has a bulking stack for the bodybuilder who wish to gain bulk and increase muscle mass, while the cutting stack is designed for building aesthetic body with beach body look.

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