Women Bodybuilding For Femine Look Not Bulking

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Women Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding For Women

When we use the word body, building it is common to think of somebody building greats. Their pictures pop up in our heads almost immediately and it is actually hard not to admire their physiques. What is quite unfortunate is the fact the bodybuilders that come to mind, most or all of them are men. It is a strange reality that the sport of body building consists of mostly men. And the number of women in it are just a fraction of the number of men.

The society has had a great responsibility for this mismatch in the bodybuilding sport. Women find it strange to go to the gym, work out and let others know about their body building. In addition to this, some women fear that body building can change their figure to become hulk-like. That is, make them huge and that is something no woman would want. In order to maintain their feminine look, their work out just includes cardio training such as using the treadmill, cycling, etc. All they try to do is to cut down on the fat in their bodies as much as they can. And stay away from bodybuilding as much as they can.

Women Bodybuilders Not About Bulking

For those who do not do body building because of the latter reason, let us ensure that they can never become as huge as men who build their bodies. Neither can they have big arms, chest and shoulder as male body builders have. This is because of some hormonal differences between the two sexes. The hormone testosterone, which is abundant in males and very low in females especially before the age of forty is much responsible for the growth in muscle size. Its lower content in women is the reason they can never have as big muscles as men who also do body building.

Female Bodybuilder

Some of you might argue that you have seen female body builders who have huge body structures, look like men and you do not want to become like them. However, let us assure you that these are those women who do body building out of passion for having big, muscular bodies. Some of them train for the heavyweight and actually want to have the bodies that they do. But they get there after years of determining body building. So if you do a little body building under the training of an instructor, you will become nothing like them and rather still manage to have better bodies than what you have currently.

Women Muscle Definition

By definition, a muscle refers to the soft tissue in most animals. Muscles are made of muscle cells that contain protein filaments. These muscles are very important parts of our body as they contract and relax to enable us to move. They are indeed responsible for all motion. Therefore it is important to take a diet with sufficient protein so as to build our muscles to a considerable level. However, it must be noted that there is hardly any limit to how much you can grow your muscles. Body builders who work out and do weight lifting actually work on their muscles in various parts of the body to enlarge them. When you exercise, you carry out motion which is aided by muscles. If you use heavy weights, then the muscle, in trying to accommodate the greater load also adapts and grows. This is what happens in body building.

However not all muscles behave similarly. There are a lot of variations between people of different ages and particularly between people of different sexes. Muscles of males grow faster than female muscle. This is because of the presence of the hormone testosterone in males in a large amount. Women muscles do not grow too much as the testosterone level in women is very low compared to men.

Female Bodybuilding

Building Female Muscle

There are also other factors that are unique to women muscles other than the fact that they grow slowly compared to muscles of men. Women muscles do not become visible as easily as in men. Women generally have greater body fat on average and they need to cut down on it before their muscles become apparent. However, increasing muscle mass is extremely healthy for women and it is very much possible with the right determination.

Some steps that women can use to make strong muscles that are visible are as follows. First of all make sure that you do cardio training every day. This gives a good warm up to your muscles before you start working on them and also helps you cut down on your body fat. You should work out about 3-5 times a week and try to use heavier weights after every two weeks or so in each exercise. Try to take shorter breaks between exercises; or start with a fixed break time and as you train for some days, reduce that time. To grow muscles, females should make sure that they take the right diet as well with plenty of protein and some carbohydrates. If you follow these you will soon have apparent muscles to show!

Female Bodybuilding Workouts

It is quite satisfying to know that the conventional thought that bodybuilding was for men is starting to change. The days have gone when gyms were only open to men and Olympic weightlifting competitions as well as other such competitions were conducted only for male participants. In the last two decades or so, many women have taken up body building and there have been some great female bodybuilders that are famous for their physiques.

When we talk about body building, it is important to speak about it differently for men and for women. This is because of certain differences between the two; the most important being that due to the presence of a lot more testosterone as compared to women, men can have greater muscle growth than women who do the same exercise. Men’s muscles grow faster and bigger. This accounts for the fact that there should be different workouts for the two sexes which would best benefit them.

Women Workout

Best Workout For Women

One should also remember that with comparatively lower levels of testosterone, women will find body building harder than men do. However, they should not give up on it. While we are at it talking about hormones, it should also be pointed out that women have the hormone estrogen in abundant quantities which, unlike testosterone, aids the growth of fat. This is the reason muscles do not become too prominent in women initially.

Therefore, women who want to build their bodies should do plenty of cardio training such as treadmill, cycling, etc. Doing cardio right in the morning on an empty stomach would certainly be a good idea but it is not possible for all to do.

Let us now name exercises that women should have in their workout for each body part. Each day card is a must. You can follow the following workout:

  • Day 1 (Chest and triceps): Incline dumbbell press, dips, flat barbell bench, cable crossovers, and skull crushers.
  • Day 2 (Quads, calves, hamstring): Seated leg curls, squats, standing calf raises, walking lunges and seated leg extensions.
  • Day 3 (Abs): machine crunches, exercise ball crunch, bicycle crunches and hanging leg raises.
  • Day 4 (Back, forearms, and biceps): incline dumbbell curls, preacher curls barbell wrist curls, barbell rows.
  • Day 5 (Delts and traps): cable front lateral raise, dumbbell military press, smith machine shrugs and dumbbell side lateral raise.
  • Day 6 (Cardio) 35-45 minutes
  • Day 7 Rest.

Female Body

Female Bodybuilding Trend

When we heard the word body building, what usually comes to our mind are big guy with enormous muscles and cuts as well as amazing physiques. For some, the image of your local gym may come to mind as for others, the bodybuilders of your gym may be who you think of. There have been many great body builders over the last few centuries, although few of them have been women unfortunately. We usually think of men when we talk about bodybuilding. But this trend has changed in recent times with some women also taking up bodybuilding.

Although the number of women body builders has always been far less than their male counterparts. The trend has seen a change in recent years with the ratio of women to men increasing, and that too quite rapidly. There are those women who do it for the sake of their passion. As well as those who do it as they seek to make a career out of it. Some aim to qualify for body building and weight lifting competitions.

Natural Female Bodybuilders

If we try to find female body builders, we will find many in this as well as the previous few generations. Many of them are considered to be natural bodybuilders, that is, have a physique that is extremely good without body building and they need just some body building to develop a very good shape. Their bodies adapt fast and grow faster with exercise than the average female body. Not only this, their bodies respond very well to increasing in exercise and weights by making them more hungry than they normally are.

This causes them to eat more and a heavy diet accompanied by heavy weight training ensures that they can become very efficient body builders. These are people we normally refer to as natural bodybuilders. It must be noted that the bodies of females respond less than the average male to exercise so there are fewer natural female body builders when compared to males.

Lindsay Kaye
Lindsay Kaye

There are many natural female body builders whose patterns can be studied and applied by those women who wish to become professional body builders. An example is that of Lindsay Kaye, who is a natural bodybuilder. According to what she said in her interview, she changes her training routine a lot, but at the same time also ensures that all body parts are covered including chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps, legs and calves. She has a plan for each day and some fixed exercises to do. However, she keeps changing the sequence of the body parts on which she works each day in a given week.

Women Bodybuilding Diet

Body building is not easy and it requires hard work and dedication throughout. Moreover, it needs the perfect combination of weight training and exercise. Any imbalance between the two can slow down the process of building your body. This is the reason to seek the advice of your trainer in whatever exercise you do and whatever diet pattern you follow. Rather it is best to follow a workout plan and a diet plan designed by your instructor.

It must be pointed out here that body building’s main determinant is what you eat. If you just train and do weight lifting, you will never be able to develop strong muscles. Rather only working out will further cut down the fat and you will start to lose weight. On the other hand, too much of the wrong diet can increase your weight but not the way you want to. You may gain fat and become obese. Therefore it is important to burn or cut down what you eat and eat right.

Female Bodybuilding Diet

The most important part of your diet should be protein. This is because proteins build up muscles. You should take plenty of protein foods that include egg white, meat especially fish and chicken, pulses etc. You also need considerable amounts of carbohydrates and a minute quantity of fats as well.

Female Bodybuilding Diet Plan

To gain weight and increase you muscle mass, you need to increase your diet by at least 500 calories in the first few weeks. Go on doing this every month until you consume about 3,000 calories a day. Remember that the muscle building process will not be as fast as it is men. Be patient and work with determination. You should also have plenty of fluids including water and juices but a little at a time. Taking big gulps can make you feel heavy and fatigued and hinder your exercise. Moreover, it may also lead to a larger tummy.

If you cannot consume so many calories in the conventional 3 meal system, resort to short frequent meals. You can take as many as 6 meals with about 3 hours in between. Make sure that you also workout as much as you consume or you will gain fat mass. Your gym instructor will help you in determining that amount.

Common foods that you can consume include grilled chicken, steaks, pulses, boiled rice, broccoli, cauliflower, cottage cheese as well. As pre workout and post workout protein shakes to speed up your body building process.

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