No, the products from Crazy Bulk aren’t steroids. They are supplements made from natural ingredients to mimic the effect of the steroids, but not inherit its side effect. Crazy Bulk is an alternative to the steroids.
Legal steroids are just the term, but it has nothing to do with the steroids. Legal steroids does not contain controlled substances found in the steroids.
Most of the anabolic steroids are illegal and banned by the FDA in the US, MHRA in the UK and Health Canada because not safe with potential side effects.
Yes, Crazy Bulk products are 100% safe to consume as it’s manufactured under GMP license and the ingredients are natural extracts from plants and fruits.
Crazy Bulk products are non FDA approved, but it’s manufactured in the FDA approved facility. In the United States only the over-the-counter or OTC products need an FDA approval.
No known side effect has been reported from the Crazy Bulk users.
No prescription is required to buy Crazy Bulk as it’s not a prescription drug or steroids.
All the Crazy Bulk product’s ingredients are stated on the label, you can check each of the product details facts sheet.
You can find a suitable product that meets your goal and select the requirement in privacy from the product finder page
Some have reported seeing good results in 2 weeks with continuous workout while others may notice in 2 months as the results may be varied by individual workout schedule.
No, you do not need to use Crazy Bulk in order to maintain your physique, once you reached your goal, you may combine with other supplements or diet routine. It’s recommended to continue using Crazy Bulk, but not necessary.
You may check your order from this page with your order ID and email address.
Depend on your location and countries, for France, Spain, Italy and Germany, which is part of the Europe the shipping time is within 10 working days, shipping duration in England and Ireland takes not more than 5 business days, the rest of the world included Australia shipping time will be around 15 working days. Normally, it will takes shorter than that.
Current shipping times are 2-5 working days to the United Kingdom, 5-10 working days within the Europe and United States of America or 15 working days to the rest of the world.
All shipments are sent through regular mail services from Europe and USA.
It may take 10 to 15 days when ordered outside the US or UK, international orders delivery time may be different from countries and subject to the local customs clearance speed and logistics processing time.
For international order, it may take longer than the standard delivery time as it depends on the local customs and shipping company’s operational efficacy.
No, PayPal has updated their policy for not accepting transaction from the store containing the word “steroids” in their marketing content. This applies to legal steroids from Crazy Bulk.
You may return the unopened products within 14 days, you only pay for the shipping cost that courier back to us.

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